SALTandPEPPER videoproduction is a company based in Unterach am Attersee, Austria. 

Since over 9 years I am producing moving images for clients all around the world. It is my goal to bring ideas to life and create moments that will show your story and your products from a different perspective.

I always try to be as creative as possible, and I am open for every challenge. 

It´s not only the production work that keeps me doing what I love, it´s also the way I work together with clients to find the right stories, creating moodboards and optimizing the video/film for the needs of my clients.

This is what makes the final product what it is. A true SALTandPEPPER production that is ready to impress and convince others.


Rene Berger, Kirchengasse 1

A-4866 Unterach am Attersee


+43699-190 045 83